Kevin (skillthief) wrote,

Gatlinberg Trip

I just got back from the Extreme Winter conference in Gatlinburg,TN. The conference was awesome. It's the first time I've ever seen Josh McDowell speak. I will never forget what he said. He explains gods purpose in our live so clearly and intelligently that there's no denying that Jesus was the Son of God, That the came to earth in the form of a man, and died for our sins. That though his love for us we can obtain forgiveness for our sin. I never realized that Jesus and the people in the new testament had, and quoted from the old testament. The greek version of the old testament has been historically proven to exist 250 years before the birth of christ. The old testiment also has the predictions to the birth and life of christ. Almost every aspect of Jesus's life was predicted in the Old Testament. Down to the date of his triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Predictions of wars and falling of nations. It's like my preacher always says "Your faith is only as strong as your knowledge of the word of god."

His presentation sunday was on sex. It's scary how much the media has lied to us about sex. HPV is now affecting more people than aids and the media hasn't given it 1% as much attention as it has aids. HPV is 10 times easier to catch than aids and 40% of teenagers who have has only 1 sex partner are estimated to be infected. HPV is the virus that causes 99.7% of all vaginal and penile cancer. CANCER IS CAUSED BY SEX. Condoms are useless because the virus spreads through the moisture around the sexual organs. More information can be found here ( page 18.
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